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Denver, Colorado, United States – 15 Mar 2012

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Timothy Krause, CPA, Denver CPA Report Description

When Tim Krause began his business career, a person’s worth was defined by trust and a handshake.  There is currently an anonymous defamatory perspective of Tim published online that has been granted credibility.  How can anyone rebut an anonymous vague remark in a public forum when there are no specifics, and no source?

Tim is not an unreasonable human being, honestly.  He is visible on the Internet and contact information for the firm is openly published.  He is willing and open to listening to the source of this perspective.

Tim Krause has built, grown and managed a successful CPA firm in Denver since 1985 through his exemplary work with a multitude of successful clients.  He has relationships with not only first generation clients, but also second and third generations in families.  His thoughtful and wise guidance draws clients into the office every year, even when many clients of other CPA firms choose to simply submit records.  Tim considers money as a tool to accomplish what the individual desires, and not the ultimate end goal.

Throughout his life, Tim has lived by solid principles and faith in God.  Owning and operating a service business, in itself, requires courage and conviction.  An entrepreneur must treat clients and employees fairly, demonstrate business acumen in decision making, and sustain those behaviors for a lifetime.

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